Catalogue calendars and diaries 2019Printing calendars and diaries for the year 2019

We offer reprinting of your logos on calendars and diaries including embossing. The new catalog of calendars and diaries for the year 2018 in printed form is ready for sending. To the new catalog we also updated the electronic version (e-catalog) for quicker and more readable selection or download in pdf format.

We also offer demonstrations and, if appropriate, borrowing samples of these calendars and diaries.


Printed matters – printing works
We offer not only one-colour, but also multi-colour print up to size A2+ (460 x 640 mm) as are e.g.: business cards, leaflets, posters, folders, stickers, head papers, envelopes, folders, bookkeeping documents for NCR (no carbon required paper), periodic printed matters, catalogues, handbooks, labels and other printed material according to your wish. Successive bookbinding processing in form of V1, V2, cut-out to B1 (105 x 75) size, tooling, chop to size, folding, surface working, ring or wire binding but also small-number of copies of digital print.

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