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Design diaries and notebooks Italian made brand Moleskine.

catalgue diaries MOLESKINE

Starbrook Airlines - Luxury Belgian chocolate

Starbrook Airlines - Belgian chocolate

Here you can download various catalogues, price lists, special offers and other files.

New catalog of promotional textiles - Textile Collection Europe 2013 download.

Catalogue of advertising textiles 2008

Catalogue presentation stands

Advertising textiles
Hanes, Slazenger, Stedman, Ashworth, Bella, Result, Russell Europe, Russell Workwer, Russell Collection, Jerzees, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Callaway, Mc Forsum, B & C, Kusotm Kit

You can download either
the whole catalogue of textiles in 2008 in zip format 92 MB
Prices of textiles in 2008 format. xls

or after each section in pdf format:
00_obsah.pdf 0.5 MB
01_Ladies.pdf 22.4 MB
02_Underwear.pdf 1.3 MB
03_T-Shirts.pdf 8.6 MB
04_Kids.pdf 9.3 MB
05_Poloshirts.pdf 7.1 MB
06_Shirts.pdf 4.9 MB
07_Pullovers.pdf 1.6 MB
08_Sweatshirts.pdf 5.5 MB
09_Fleece.pdf 4.8 MB
10_Jackets.pdf 8.5 MB
11_Gastronomy.pdf 3.5 MB
12_Workwear.pdf 4.9 MB
13_Pants & Shorts.pdf 2.1 MB
14_Sports.pdf 12.3 MB
15_Towels.pdf 2.5 MB
16_Caps.pdf 5.2 MB
17_Bags.pdf 10.3 MB
18_Umbrellas.pdf 1.4 MB
19_Index.pdf 0.4 MB

Prices of printing technology and other indications of textiles your logo create individually. The amount of the price influences: the quantity, size printing, the number of colors used and technology.

We have the technology of printing:

screen printing
transfer cut printing and printed
sublimation printing

Catalogue presentation stands
Summary offered by the exhibition and presentation stands in pdf format. » download